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4.6 out of 5

Feedback from our customers

Great service, fast and efficient. Very helpful over the phone explaining any questions we had, and easy to get hold of. The report was in depth and thorough. I would recommend!

Sarah 04/01/2016

Excellent service and value for money. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a great all round servive
Service quality:
Lulu 23/09/2014

Brilliant service! Nick spent 20+ minutes on the phone to me providing feedback after the survey. Amazingly good personal service and he explained everything clearly. As the survey showed lots of issuesy, I decided not to proceed with the purchase but have now found another and Nick is doing the survey for me on that one too!
Mela 08/09/2014

Informative report.The surveyor was approachable and happy to discuss aspects of the report over the phone.
cathargoed 01/09/2014

Nick responded quickly, survey report was done straight away next day. Was very helpful over the phone to go through the report afterwards.

surita 14/12/2013

We had to get a survey fairly quickly (the vendor was getting nervous by the delay) and we hired Subject II Survey. Everything went very smoothly, Nick was quick to respond both on email and phone and professional.

We received a very detailed survey report (both electronic and hard copy) that identified several major issues we had completely missed when viewing, recommended ways to fix them and suggested many other improvements. While obviously it was a disappointment to find problems, the knowledge is extremely useful - it allowed us to renegotiate the price by several thousand pounds and we have a much better idea where it needs improvement.

If we are buying again we'll hire subject II Survey without hesitation.

Kingshuk 02/10/2012

The surveyor was very communicative and offered incredible value for money. The report was thorough and included images.

Matthew 20/05/2012

I was offered a bargain price for a quality survey - I probably saved around £200 when compared to local quotes.

treacle1 13/06/2011

Excellent surveyor. I have found the service that (introducer) supplies particularly useful.

Rebecca K 09/08/2010

I didn't actually use the company due to a complication with the dates, but the company were so professional and helpful. I only had to pay a fee and the cheque got refunded.

Would highly recommend on that issue alone.
Danielle C 23/04/2010

Waiting for our scheduled appointment. Polite to speak with. Clearly explained faults and potential faults with the property. Finished survey provided via email and on paper. Photographs taken on site - could have been slightly better / sharper quality, but didn't detract from highlighting faults / potential faults. Overall, very pleased, and all advice greatly received.

Paul R 20/04/2010

Company have provided the survey report very promptly - just considering the impacts now.

Mrs S 19/12/2009

Thought they offered a very good service - it was really helpful that Nick phoned up once the survey was complete to talk through the main points before sending the report. Compared to other quotes we received, they offered very good value for money.

Emma B 30/11/2009


Trina 24/09/15 Lodge purchaser


Please pass on my thanks to Nick for a very comprehensive lodge survey, very professionally done and carried out on the date promised. I will not hesitate to feed back to my estate agent on this.


Pauline 24/09/15 Residential Park Home Purchaser


I appreciated your quick response and phone call. I would like to add your manner of speaking put me at ease and you explained the situation very well. I feel confident that I will be able to approach you in the future, thank you for understanding my situation and your professional approach is comforting, and to find a good service these days is rare.  


Anne 15/05/16 Residential Park Home Purchaser


Nick clearly explained what was included in a park home survey, and as they cover all of the UK thankfully the location was not a problem. Nick explained that not all Park Home Surveyors are actually qualified Surveyors, I was alarmed to hear that as I did not know this was possible. I was pleased to use a Chartered Surveyor with experience of Park Homes. Being Chartered Surveyors is a respected brand that you can trust.


Mr R 01/06/19 Park home Survey 


Please pass on my thanks to Nick for all of his work in relation to the survey carried out. Excellent Service